What makes Petite Green terrariums unique?
Petite Green terrariums are all individually hand crafted with great attention to detail. Each terrarium is it's own little world within the jar. We take pride in producing high quality works which are living pieces of art.

How can I buy a Petite Green product?
Petite Green terrariums are NO LONGER avalible at Third Drawer Down in Prahran. Petite Green sells terrariums and terrarium products, such as DIY kits direct to the public at various markets such as The Big Design Market. Or you can contact Petite Green via their Facebook page.

What is the difference between a mossarium and a terrarium?
A mossarium is a type of terrarium. Petite Green uses this term specifically for terrariums that contain mostly moss and small figurines. The name terrarium is given to all other types of terrariums that contain plants but no figurines. These are the traditional type of terrarium which where popular in the 70's.

How often do I need to water my mossarium?
You should only need to add water to your mossarium once a week to once a month depending on your individual mossarium. However, if you have been keeping the lid off and you notice that there is no condensation on the glass, then you can give your terrarium a light mist. It is important that you do not over water, as this can lead to rot or fungal infections. When you first take your mossarium home you should keep a close eye on it to see how the moss is liking it's new home.

There is condensation on the glass, what should I do?
Nothing. It is good for there to be condensation on the glass. Your Mossarium has its own water cycle within the jar, this is why you do not need to water it very often. If however, you want to view your Mossarium, you can open the lid to allow some of the moisture out. But do not leave the lid off for too long as it will dry out.

How do I clean my Mossarium?
You should not need to clean your Mossarium often. But if you want to clean the glass, either inside or out, just use some paper towel. Do not use any cleaning products as this can kill the plants. If you have a Mossarium with a narrow opening you can use a cotton tip, or use a chop-stick with paper towel wrapped around the end.

Can I keep my mossarium on my desk at work?
Yes. If your desk is near a window, then this will provide enough light for your mossarium to grow. However, a desk lamp could provide an easy alternative. Changing your globe to a fluorescent light globe will provide enough light for your plants to grow. Keep an eye on your terrarium, and if it starts looking worst for wear then move it closer to a window for a week or two. But avoid direct sunlight, especially in summer.

I have noticed some white fluffy stuff growing in my mossarium, what can I do?
It is most likely that the ‘white fluffy stuff’ is a fungal infection. The main causes for fungal infections are too much moisture and not enough sunlight. If there is only a small amount then you should be able to save your terrarium. Open the lid and wipe away excess moisture from the glass. Then use a cotton tip and gently wipe away any fungus, ‘white fluffy stuff,’ that is growing on your moss. Place it near a window, living the lid ajar for a couple of days, keeping a close eye on the moisture levels.
Do you make custom orders?
Yes! We can custom make a mossarium either based on a previously sold item or you can suggest what you would like it to include. We do require a deposit before we can begin working on a custom order and we have a minimum of $100 for custom made, most custom order range between $150-$450.