DIY terrarium kit

diy kit whats in it.jpg
diy kit.jpg
diy kit whats in it.jpg
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DIY terrarium kit


Want to get your hands dirty and make your own terrarium but don't want all the fuss of having to buy lots of materials that will go wasted afterwards. Then look no further. 

This kit will either make one medium sized or a few smaller sized terrariums. 

Easy to care for. Keep in a bright room with the lid on or off. Only water when needed.

Live moss is included, may look different to what is pictured due to what is in stock. 

One miniature figurine is also included and is chosen at random, like a lucky dip. 

Kit includes: soil, rocks, sphagnum moss, charcoal, and pictorial instructions. 

Jar and plants not included

This terrarium will be a welcome addition to any home, keep in a well lit room and watch it grow. 

Local pick up or registered post. 

WA, TAS and NT may not allow moss to be sent into these states.

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plants are not included, but can be purchased for an additional cost.